Lokal Bayong Canada at Calgary Christmas Market 2023

Lokal Bayong Canada at Calgary Christmas Market 2023

On November 18, 2023, Lokal Bayong Canada joined the Edgemont Community Association Christmas Market at 33 Edgevalley Cir. NW.

When opportunity knocks, you just know that you have to go and let that door open and be more ready with what it brings you. Lokal Bayong - Canada then, took a leap of faith and participated in the Vend Urban Market and Little Modern Market on December 02, 2023.

Posters, banners and gift cards from Circle Creatives.

Christmas markets spring up in various locations, creating a festive ambiance and showcasing unique crafts and local products. These markets offer communities a wonderful chance to unite and revel in the magic of the season. They foster a sense of community spirit and serve as a platform for local businesses to showcase their diverse talents and cultures.

We would like to thank Edgemont Community Association, Vend Urban Market, and Little Modern Market for the opportunity to join these festivities and be able to share a piece of Lokal Bayong - Canada.

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