Lokal Bayong is a Filipino brand born out of deep love for art and Filipino culture with the intention of advocating for the betterment of the lives of local weaving artisans from different provinces in the Philippines.

The brand's journey started in March 2020, just two weeks before the global pandemic hit, which posed significant challenges. However, with perseverance and resilience, Lokal Bayong eventually took flight in November of the same year.

After six months of hardwork, Lokal Bayong made its way into online market, and garnered international recognition with depots in UAE, Finland, Germany, USA, Australia, and Canada.

What is Bayong?

Lokal Bayong takes its name from the Filipino term "bayong," which refers to the traditional woven bag used by locals for centuries. Bayongs were usually made of woven plant-source materials like buri, pandan, and abaca. These bags have become an iconic symbol of Filipino craftsmanship, showcasing the artistry and creativity deeply rooted in our culture.

Making a Difference Together

Lokal Bayong represents a bridge between cultures. By owning one of our bags, you're not only embracing the spirit of Filipino artistry but also supporting local communities and promoting sustainable practices. We prioritize using eco-friendly materials and empowering artisans, ensuring a positive impact on both people and the planet.


    Our Vision is to be the beacon of sustainable fashion globally. We envision a world where Lokal Bayong serves as a bridge that connects people and cultures worldwide.


    We strive to empower local community weavers, and share the beauty of Filipino culture globally through traditional Filipino artistry and responsible use of locally sourced eco-friendly materials towards a fashion-conscious world.


    Our goal is to expand our reach and impact globally by expanding our product offerings to provide local community weavers with opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.